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Why LifeLinc Academy?


LifeLinc Academy excels in providing anesthetists the tools needed to navigate an ever-changing perioperative environment. Our courses feature instructors from multiple specialties providing attendees with expertise from inside the OR as well as outside the OR. Attendees depart our symposiums with cutting-edge clinical knowledge and an understanding of the full perioperative spectrum. Our goal is to change the status quo of healthcare by continuing innovation.



I first met Patrick Moss at the Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists in Nashville, several years ago. I had heard many good things about Patrick over the years and took the opportunity to sit in on one of his lectures. I was instantly impressed with his depth of knowledge and teaching style. His passion for the art of regional anesthesia was obvious and his confident and competent delivery made me a believer.


I have since gotten to know Patrick and have called upon his expertise for several clinical situations at my work place. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he shares readily.

I have also had the pleasure of taking some courses that Patrick has taught for the MTSA Acute Pain Fellowship. Patrick is one of the main instructors and is a huge asset to that program. His teaching style and complete command of the subject matter make him an enjoyable and extremely credible educator.

I look forward to having Patrick as a colleague and resource for the remainder of my career.

Daniel Nash, CRNA, DNAP


Maverick Anesthesia Educators, LLC


Dr. Moss is an innovative and influential leader in the education of nurse anesthetists. His passion for regional anesthesia is contagious.  He motivates each student to strive for excellence and his teachings are integral in the progress of our profession.


Kate Lunati, MS, CRNA

American Anesthesiology of Georgia

Piedmont Hospital


Dr. Patrick Moss is not only clinically excellent in his abilities as a CRNA, but he has a gift in the way he conveys his knowledge. Dr. Moss does so in such a manner that makes the topic engaging and easy to comprehend. He is a consummate professional whose talents in the area of regional anesthesia were noticed by our group. In fact, we were so impressed with his teaching that we requested his

presentation at our facility. He is an amazing educator.


George Haritos, DNAP, CRNA

Clinical Coordinator of Nurse Anesthesia Programs

Anesthesia Associates of York, PA, Inc.


I have had the pleasure of attending several conferences and lectures by Dr. Patrick Moss CRNA, DNAP. I have found that he is an eloquent and engaging speaker that is able to take very complex concepts and distill them into understandable and usable lessons. His knowledge of anatomy and regional anesthesia is unrivaled in the anesthesia community; whether CRNA, MD, or DDS. I am looking

forward to Dr. Moss’s continuing contributions to this field for years to come and learning as much as I can from him as often as I can. 

Thomas Baribeault MSN, CRNA


I have been in the healthcare field for over 14 years as a medical device salesperson. I have attended countless lectures and symposiums during that time. Patrick Moss genuinely listens to and is concerned about his patients and it reflects in his teaching. He is excellent at explaining all procedures and effects and will answer in a way that makes it easy on the audience. His background and experience leave the audience better prepared.


Adam Grogan

Territory Manager

Halyard Healthcare


I attended the Basic USGRA hosted by Halyard Corporation in August 2016 at MTSA. Patrick Moss was the instructor for the course. This course was a full day course.


Dr. Moss was by far one of the best instructors I have ever encountered in a didactic setting. I practice in a CRNA-only group and perform USGRA for acute pain management on a routine basis. This course was to expand my current knowledge into new block techniques. Patrick’s easy manner of instruction helped make this course enjoyable. His in-depth knowledge of the nerves and muscles and block techniques was evident from the moment he started talking. Patrick was even available to me to answer some billing questions so I could capture some additional charges that I had been missing.

I am so grateful to have had that opportunity to have Dr. Moss as my instructor for the USGRA

course. I am eager to look for more chances to learn from him in the future.

Katrina Vice O’Con, DNAP, CRNA

Natchitoches Anesthesia Associates, LLC


I have had the benefit of knowing and working with Patrick Moss for over ten years. His dedication, knowledge and professionalism within the anesthesia community is without reproach. He has been an incredible resource for me, as a mentor and friend; leading by example. As an instructor, Dr. Moss is truly a master of communicating complex information in a manner that not only enlightens the recipient, it empowers them with the confidence to advance their craft.

Matthew O’Connor

Major, US Army


Professor Moss is a premier leader in the CRNA community especially when it comes to integrating regional anesthesia to the clinical setting. He leaves a wake of successful hospital systems with enlightened anesthesia providers behind

him which yields patients with better post operative pain control.


Brian R. Selai CRNA, MSN

Faculty Twin Oaks Anesthesia

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